The programs are normally offered for 1, 2, 3, or 8 hour sessions. These are available on site at
Cary Resources or at the client's place of business or home. We also provide a virtual service
that allows the client and Cary Resources to exchange documents through email.

For Example: If an Excel spreadsheet or PowerPoint is needed for a company presentation,
we can create the project in house and send back the finished product.

The classes and workshops are normally conducted on an individual level or in groups of two or three.
The group classes are offered at a discount and groups greater than three will be handled on a case
by case basis.

You can reach us for a class or workshop through the online Contact Form, phone (845) 926-2481,
or email us directly.

If this is your first time working with us, we will normally set up a phone meeting to discuss your goals.

Virtual Service:
This involves Cary Resources performing the work (not training) for the client and delivering
the final product (PowerPoint, Excel spreadsheet, Website design etc.) to the client by email.
This is the flat rate of $75.00 / hour. All work will be noted and recorded for the client's approval.