The secondary concentration of CR is on academic writing, research strategies, editing,
and presentation of company business plans, dissertations, or thesis.

(Tier 1): Assist, mentor, and support students, adults, and business owners on research papers,
dissertations, and company business plans.

Below is an example of a doctoral dissertation. It can be a daunting task to complete but with the
proper support from Cary Resources and its director,it can be achieved.

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(Tier 2): Provide editing services for individuals writing research papers, business plans,
master's theses,or doctoral dissertations.

Below is an example of a research paper from a first year college business management
class as part of a group assignment. The paper is edited using Track Changes.

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(Tier 3): Act as an unbiased audience, delivering constructive feedback on presentation skills,
public speaking, and overall delivery of a product / service before a client.

Below is basic example of a rubric that might be used in the assessment of a client's presentation.

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