The tutoring services is designed for middle school, high school, and college aged students who simply
require individual attention and guidance to help navigate them through those mathematical challenges
that many people struggle with in the classroom.

Areas of Concentration

  1. SAT Preparation

  2. ACT Preparation

  3. Calculus

  4. Trigonometry

  5. General Math Principles

Primary Instructor: Susan R. Cary

  1. BS Mathematics

  2. Benefits Consultant: 25 years

  3. Tutor: Boys & Girls Club of Newburgh, NY

  4. Tutoring Certificate

Schedule, Design, & Pricing

  1. Tutoring @ Cary Resources: Marlboro, NY

  2. Individual tutoring format

  3. 60 minutes instruction

  4. 1 hour: $50.00

For an appointment or free consultation:

Cary Resources: (845) 236 -1035

Registration Form: Instructions